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Free Editorial Calendar Template

6 January 2014


An editorial calendar is the best way to plan your content strategy and be prepared to execute great campaigns. Planning ahead with a calendar can take your audience engagement and results to the next level by expertly publishing the right content at the right time. Plus, you can deliver your best creative efforts on-time, without a […]

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9 Reasons Why You Need to Use an Editorial Calendar

27 August 2012


Have you published a ton of content but never got much traction with your audience? Have you logged tons of hours delivering creative but still feel rushed to meet deadlines? Do you feel you’re firing off lots of campaigns with only small results to show for it? Not to worry. We’ve all faced these problems. […]

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6 Types of Backstories Your Readers Will Love

20 August 2012


Telling your backstory can have a profound impact on your relationship with your customers, readers, partners and staff. In the first two parts of this series, we discussed why a backstory is so important and the seven questions to ask to develop a backstory. Now you need to tell your story. Make it go viral […]

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7 Questions That Help You Develop an Exceptional Backstory (Backstory Series – Part 2)

31 July 2012


Right now the 2012 Olympics are captivating the world whether you’re a sports fan or not. Our deepest connection to the games often isn’t which country won or lost. What we are most drawn to are the gripping, inspiring stories of the athletes themselves and how they got to London. Backstories can be incredibly compelling […]

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Warning: Your readers don’t trust you (Backstory Series – Part 1)

23 July 2012


Why You Need a Backstory for Truly Amazing Content Interesting background information in the form of a backstory is almost never included in most content. If your audience rarely gets to see or understand the origin or context of what you are promoting, they’re may not fully trust you. Too bad. A backstory can be […]

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Angus Prime Filets – Recap of Hubspot’s Epic Inbound Marketing Webinar

20 July 2012


Last week Dan Zarrella of Hubspot and Ben Watson of Hootsuite delivered an epic webinar, The Science of Inbound Marketing. This webinar was not just a high-level overview. It was a torrential flood of tactical advice based on Dan’s research and data analysis. It was unbelievable how fast he talked to get through all the […]

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