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Search Engine Journal has just announced the finalists for their 2006 Search Blog Awards. If you haven’t voted already, head over to their site and make your picks.

I voted for the blogs that I read on a regular basis. I also didn’t know a lot of the blogs that were listed. So I will be checking those out and will definitely be adding to my daily reading. What makes a good blog to me? I want to learn from the posts and comments. Plus, I want gain actionable information and ideas. For example, the Super Affiliate Marketing Blog is a great resource because I pick up tidbits of information and great ideas that I can actively use on my sites. Additionally, Jon states that “I’m doing this project as a means to give back to the community.” That’s a refreshing attitude.

Here is a list of the blogs that I voted for:
SEO Book – SEO Blog of the Year
ShoeMoney – Best Search Marketing/Contextual Ad Blog
Super Affiliate – Best Affiliate Marketing Blog
TechCrunch – Best Web 2.0 Blog
SEO Chat – Best Search Engine Marketing Community

One parting question/thought: Why give an award to sites promoting black hat SEO techniques? You can probably guess that I am against further enabling and enticing those who spread get rich quick by any means necessary schemes. To me, it is a black and white issue. One of the things that continues to hold back huge spending by advertisers is publishers who continue to take a renegade, self-serving approach to internet marketing.

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