Free Website Launch Checklist and Daily Tracker

If you are launching a new website or even just want to track the daily tasks of maintaining an existing site, then you want to have a simple checklist and daily tracker. Here is a spreadsheet that I use when starting work on a new website. It is also the same sheet that I use every day as a daily tracker for Best of all, I am giving this to you for FREE!

Click here to download Website Launch-Daily Action Plan Template v1.0 (Microsoft Excel format)

This launch checklist provides the core elements of a good website launch plan, including tabs dedicated to:

  • Master Go-to-Market Plan: This plan gives you the primary building blocks leading up to your website launch, like market overview, site objectives, competitive analysis, financial forecasts, keyword lists, building your website and driving traffic.
  • Monthly Goals: Add key measurable website metrics that show the “health” of your website. These metrics can often be found in your website analytics.
  • Daily Task List: Here are a few categories of daily activities you can do to successfully grow traffic and regular visitors to your website, including creating new content, building social media connections, and participating in relevant communities.
  • Weekly Task List: More valuable tasks, but these you just need to track weekly, like reviewing web analytics reports, identifying new offers, adding to your keyword list and general website maintenance.
  • Site Tracker: Additional tabs, like a sitemap list, a changelog and a social media account list, that track major or one-time updates to your site. This history of changes is perfect if you want to switch back or remember key details. It’s easier to record something here than try to remember it on your own.

Make sure to customize the basic website launch template, checklist and daily task list to your specific needs. I am sure that this free version will help you get a great start to your project. Plus you can use it to cut down your planning time and focus your efforts on creating a fantastic website.

If you have additional tasks that you recommend, post them in the comments. I love the feedback and will be able to make updates.

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  1. Stacy Moss says:

    Glad I came here. Useful information all around!

  2. Christelle says:

    Thanks for the template, I am actually planning to launch my site next week and was looking for a similar plan. Never too late to start planning the right way!

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