Angus Prime Filets – Recap of Hubspot’s Epic Inbound Marketing Webinar

Social Media WebinarLast week Dan Zarrella of Hubspot and Ben Watson of Hootsuite delivered an epic webinar, The Science of Inbound Marketing. This webinar was not just a high-level overview. It was a torrential flood of tactical advice based on Dan’s research and data analysis. It was unbelievable how fast he talked to get through all the actionable recommendations.

I’ve always been a fan of Dan’s analysis and recommendations (check out this previous post). His book Hierarchy of Contagiousness  gives you the hard facts that get you real results, not the usual “unicorns and rainbows myths”. This event was no exception. It covered all the key content marketing subjects – blogging, email marketing, lead generation form best practices, Facebook and Twitter tips, SEO, landing page optimization and eBook and Kindle publishing.

If you missed it, no worries. There were many blog posts that delivered a recap of the most interesting and most actionable revelations:

Answers To Your Top 7 Questions From the Science of Inbound Marketing

Hubspot did their own post-event Q&A article. They answer and provide additional content to seven questions most marketing folks want to know:

  1. Why do you consider email marketing to be inbound?
  2. How do you make a somewhat boring product or industry more interesting on social media?
  3. Any thoughts on what makes people more likely to engage on social media?
  4. What factors tend to influence an email’s click-through rate?
  5. If I send emails more frequently, can I get blacklisted as a spammer?
  6. How do audiences respond to command words in calls-to-action?
  7. How can a company or brand increase blog readership?

150+ takeaways from Science of Inbound Marketing webinar by Hubspot

The Twitter stream for the webinar (hashtag #inboundsci) was crazy. Over 20,000 tweets about the webinar in an hour. What’s even crazier is that Farrukh Naeem (@farrukhnaeem) curated all those tweets and boiled them down to the best 150 takeaways.

His post is a must read to get the best data points quickly.

Want more? Here are three additional recap posts that I recommend you read:

7 Blog Insights – Inspired By Dan Zarrella of Hubspot [Research] by Heidi Cohen

The Science of Inbound Marketing Webinar Takeaway by NinetyNineWays.Net

“The Science of Inbound Marketing” – Key Takeaways by Tekna Design

Inbound Marketing Tips from Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella by inner architect

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    You’re welcome Susan! You covered some of the best factoids from the webinar. I just had to share.

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