Angus Prime Filets: Content Marketing Insights from The Content Marketeer

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Vanessa Martinez of The Content Marketeer back in April.  We discussed how I approach content marketing at PayPal, including new content channels, scalability and corporate culture that fosters great publishing. Here is the resulting post.

The Content Marketeer is chocked full of great insight and actionable resources for anyone who publishes content for their organization. Here are a few of my favorite articles: The Content Marketing Machine by The Content Marketeer blog at Kapost

How to Build and Operate a Content Marketing Machine

You need a system to consistently publish great content and be a leader for your niche. This article is your guide to building and operating a Content Marketing Machine. Check out the great infographic too.

4 Exceptional Resources for Storytelling Inspiration

Are you serious about finding and telling stories that will have an impact? Here are several narrative storytelling resources all marketing professionals should follow and use. Hint – You’ll need to read, watch, and listen.

Editorial Calendars: Where to Start

I just posted the editorial calendar template that I use for my campaigns and projects. Here is a great primer on why you should use an editorial calendar and where to start.

The Business Case for a Content-First Approach

Addresses the common question of “Why do we need a content strategy?” Most companies think they know what they want and just want to focus their limited budgets on content creation. There’s justification for production, not thoughts. This post details exactly why businesses need to develop a well-thought content strategy and plan, before they start content creation.

Common Blogging Roadblocks: Legal Concerns

Part 2 of a series The Content Marketeer did on common blogging roadblocks. This one focuses on clearing content with a legal team, for those who work with one, which can be a big hurdle.

And Many More Interviews

In addition to offering content marketing resources, The Content Marketeer also has an extensive set of interviews that tap into the wisdom of industry experts at huge brands, like Macy’s, Zappos, Cisco, Citrix, Rubbermaid, and more. What I like about the interviews is that they give you a snapshot of real, in-the-trenches experiences from corporate content managers. These experiences are really helpful as they can help you go from general content marketing practices to actually executing and getting results.

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  1. Grace Boyle says:

    What a great roundup Bob, thanks for the tweets and writing this up last week. We had a great time interviewing you and we appreciate the shout-outs.

    Quick heads up, it’s Vanessa Martinez (not Williams, the famous actress) :)

  2. Bob Angus says:

    Thank you Grace!
    Kapost rocks and the Content Marketeer is an incredible source for corporate content marketing pros.

    And I made the update. Yikes! How embarrassing.

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