Angus Prime Filets – 3 Actionable Social Media Infographs

Social media infographs are everywhere today. Most charts distill the broad market trends and high-level statistics on today’s social media landscape. That’s nice, but professional marketers need more actionable insights that we can use to get better results from our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social network activities.  This week’s edition of Angus Prime Filets delivers 3 fantastic social media infographs that give you instant impact tips and tactics.

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Marketers are from Mars, Consumers are from Venus

Heidi Cohen (@heidicohen) references 4 different studies that highlight the disconnect between consumers and marketers when it comes to social media. Then she provides several very useful tips on how to use that disconnect to your advantage… while other social media marketing folks stumble along. Nothing demonstrates the behavioral gap between what consumers actually want from social media and what marketers think they want than the following chart. Clearly consumers are willing to use social media to help them transact, while marketers think they use social media early in the sales funnel to learn and engage.

Social media buying behavior

Social Commerce Purchase Behaviors

Social commerce is growing rapidly with more options to buy directly through Facebook and other platforms. Digitas commissioned a study that tapped into buyer behaviors on social networks. The key considerations when using Facebook as a digital point of sale are:

  • “Likes,” “Follows” and virtual currencies like Facebook Credits have little influence on purchase
  • 55% of social media users are not comfortable using a credit card due to security concerns

Social Commerce Infograph by Digitas

Social Mobile Local Shopper Opportunity

John Lawson (aka @ColderIce) serves up a mashup that demonstrates the huge opportunity available to merchants and marketers who embrace Social Local Mobile shopping. The tactical takeaway for me was that merchants can leverage new to bring more traffic using location-based deals and contests and then keeping customers interactive displays and sales enablement tools. The payoff is 63% larger transactions, 33% more repeats visits and 3.5 times greater annual spend.

Social media infograph - Social Mobile Local Shopping

Picture of the Week

Image: Cows by findingtheobvious

Angus Prime Filet Picture of the Week - Cows in the Snow

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