3 Free Social Media Guides Proven to Drive More Traffic

Most businesses now know that social media needs to be part of their marketing mix. The reason Twitter, Facebook and other social networks are so meaningful is that social media drives traffic to their websites. More leads = more sales. Period.

Now the question is how to effectively generate leads via social media. That’s where Hubspot comes in. Hubspot has created a powerful marketing tool to help businesses maximize their online marketing efforts. But they also love to share free how-to guides and high-powered webinars that are proven to help drive more website traffic.

Here’s my review of 3 step-by-step guides from the Hubspot team that focus entirely on how get the most from your social media campaigns.

Hint: They all deliver tips that will have an instant impact on your lead generation activities.

Hubspot Free Guide - How to Attract Customers With TwitterHow to Attract Customers with Twitter

The biggest mistake businesses make with Twitter is not realizing its full potential as a way to bring in more revenue. To do so, you need more than just the basic “how to get more followers” advice. That’s what this guide delivers.

You’ll learn how to optimize your Twitter presence specifically for attracting leads and customers. My favorite tip from the guide is how to leverage your landing pages when engaging your customers and prospects who mention you.

I recommend taking things a step further and build custom landing pages that identify the visitor is coming from Twitter. Now you can personalize your message because you know where they came from and can assume something about their intentions. As a result, your conversion rates should go way up.

Additionally, the guide contains:

  • How to optimize your profile settings and information to drive traffic
  • 6 steps to boost search results via Twitter
  • 4 good Twitter etiquette tips to keep you on the good side of customers
  • 6 specific lead generation tactics and 4 myths to avoid
  • How to measure the ROI of your Twitter campaigns

Click here to download the How to Attract Customers with Twitter guide. Note: Completing a simple lead form is required by Hubspot.

Hubspot Free Guide - 10 Step Guide to Social Link Building10 Steps to Social Link Building

You want to build as many incoming links to you website from another website as possible (also known as backlinks). You get two massive traffic drivers with more links you have pointing to your site:

  1. More high-quality referral traffic from those other sites
  2. Better your search engine rankings (Google loves good backlinks)

So now you just have to go out and get them. This Hubspot guide details how social media and blogging are the key tools in attracting a large quantity of inbound links at a low cost. Each of the 10 steps includes what you need to know, a real world example, and extra tips to help you execute.

This 18-page guide is a quick read, but chocked full of instant impact guidance. Download the 10 Steps to Social Link Building here.

Hubspot Free Guide: Step-By-Step Guide to the New Facebook Business Page TimelinesStep-by-Step Guide to the New Facebook Business Page Timelines

Earlier in 2012, Facebook completely changed the structure and look of Facebook Pages. I personally think the drastic overhaul was for the better. But it threw a lot of brands and businesses who had custom built Facebook Pages for a loop.

Not to worry. All is well. Hubspot’s New Facebook Business Page Timelines guide digs into the details you need to know to wow your customers, including:

  • 6 unique new Facebook Timeline features
  • 6 best practices to maximize those features and generate business
  • 6 (yes Hubspot likes the number 6) examples of brands who are taking full advantage of the new features

If you remember just one thing after downloading and reading this guide, remember that Facebook is all about visual content now. If you don’t have a picture or a video in your post, your Facebook content won’t be read and won’t be shared.

But Wait There’s More…

Want more social media nuggets? I posted a recap of Hubspot’s recent Science of Inbound Marketing.

That webinar featured the work of their social media scientist Dan Zarrella. Check out another post – 3 Infographs That Hold the Secrets to Your Twitter Success – that gives you 11 proven tips to getting more followers, more retweets, and more clicks.

Now you have the core steps to developing a winning social media lead generation campaign on your own!

Disclaimer: My review and recommendation of these free Hubspot guides are not based on my financial gain. Yes, I am a Hubspot affiliate. However, the exceptional work speaks for itself and is worth sharing.


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